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Electra Bikes Buyer's Guide

Electra has always been focused on innovating and designing bikes that make people smile. Their selection of bikes is focused on enhancing people's lives and that is evident in how their commuter, cruiser, and electric bikes ride and perform. Read more on which Electra bike is a perfect fit to your lifestyle.

Electra Cruiser Bikes

Electra's cruiser bikes are perfect for just that, cruising. They are a collection of bikes blended with art and design. Beautiful, yet very fun to ride. Find the cruiser bike that fits your lifestyle below.

electra townie

Electra Townie

For Electra, the Townie set a new standard for comfort aand control on a bike. They challenged the norm of bike geometry and provided a different riding experience by way of an upright riding position and the ability to plant your feet on the ground whenever you want. The Townie is an ideal cruising bike for around town and on fun trails.

Electra Townie Model Lines:

Townie 7D: the classic and best-selling bike that is both comfortable and stylish

Townie 7D EQ: identical to the 7D, just equipped with fenders and front and rear LED lights

Townie Path 9D: a step further into adventure with its larger 27.5" tires and hydraulic disc brakes

Townie Path 9D EQ: same as the 9D, but comes with color-matching fenders and LED lights

electra cruiser 7D

Electra Cruiser

The Cruiser is designed to buck convention and redefine what a beach- and town-cruising bike should look and perform like. This model features the Flat Foot Technology® that allows for an ergonomic, comfy ride people love. Find the bike that fits your needs among the Cruiser 1, 7D, and Lux lines.

Electra Cruiser Model Lines:

Cruiser 1: single-speed steel bike with a classic beach-cruiser look and feel

Cruiser 7D: everything you're looking for in a cruiser with a few extra gears to handle any hills

Cruiser Lux 1: a step up from the original single-speed with its lightweight aluminum frame and custom components

Cruiser Lux 7D: features a lightweight aluminum frame, 7 gears for any type of terrain, and linear pull brakes

Cruiser Lux 3i: the top of the cruiser line with lightweight aluminum frame and an internal 3-speed hub

Electra Urban/Commuter Bikes

The urban and commuter bikes from Electra aim to put the fun in functionality. These commuter bikes are durable enough to handle the streets of the city, yet comfortable enough for everyday riding. Find the Electra commuter bike for you below.

Electra Loft

The Loft is a modern urban bike that's lightweight, yet durable enough to handle anything on the streets. It features fast-rolling 700c wheels and a geometry that offers an upright riding position to give you more control on every ride. Find the line that fits your needs below.

Electra Loft Model Lines:

Loft 7D: Lightweight commuter bike with Shimano 7-speed gearing and alloy dual-pivot caliper brakes

Loft 7i: low maintenance commuter bike that features Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal hub, painted fenders, and a sleek alloy rear rack

Electra Electric Bikes

The electric bikes from Electra are designed to package comfort, stability, and performance all into one finely-tuned machine. These e-bikes are built to fit perfectly into your lifestyle and to take your daily commutes or afternoon errands to another level.

Electra Townie Go!

Electra Townie Go!

The Townie Go! model series features a collection of electric bikes that are intuitive, easy to ride, and with surprising power. They give riders the control and comfort that is required for an everyday electric bike. Find the e-bike that fits your needs below.

Electra Townie Go! Model Lines:

Townie Go! 7D: the basic Townie e-bike with 3 levels of pedal-assist support, an LED display, and 26" tires

Townie Go! 8D EQ: a leveled-up and equipped Townie Go! with a Bosch pedal-assist motor, 70 mile range, and an 8-speed derailleur

Townie Go! 5i: a new and improved Townie Go! with 4 levels of pedal-assist support, a Shimano internal 5-speed hub, and a rear rack to boot

Townie Go! 10D EQ: the e-bike that blends versatility, style, and technology with an integrated battery, SmartphoneHub Controller, and hydraulic disc brakes