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Giant Bike Buyer's Guide

Founded in 1972, Giant has been attempting to unleash cyclists' full potential by building high-quality bikes and bike gear. Their road, mountain, and electric bikes are rooted in craftsmanship and innovative design. This guide will help you find the Giant bike that fits your lifestyle and get you on back on the tarmac, trail, or any other path you prefer.

Giant Road Bikes

Giant road bikes are the perfect invitation to get riding, whether you're wanting a new bike to commute to work, teaming up with your friends for a weekend tour, or just a casual cruise around the city. Find the Giant road bike that fits your riding style.

Giant sport road bike

Giant Performance Road Bikes

For any cyclist wanting to be competitive on their road bike, either with themselves or in the peloton, Giant performance road bikes give you that edge. They are designed and engineered to climb, descend, and corner with speed and power efficiency. Perfect for road cyclists of any experience level.

Popular Giant sport road bike models:

Giant Contend AR 2: a versatile all-rounder with control and confidence in mind

Giant TCR Advanced Disk: a total race bike built to be pushed to its limits

Giant Triathlon Road Bike

Giant Triathlon Road Bikes

To stay competitive in any race, you need a road bike that is engineered to be aerodynamic, light, and fast. Giant triathlon bikes are just that. Built to help cyclists beat their PR, you'll be sure to find your racing match with one of their triathlon bikes.

Popular Giant triathlon bike models:

Giant Advanced Pro: a speeding bullet engineered to meet the demands of professional athletes and racers

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Giant Electric Bikes

Almost anyone can enjoy riding an electric bike and Giant e-bikes are no different. Built to give riders an extra boost while cycling, you can find a Giant electric bike that fits your lifestyle among our selection of commuter, mountain, and road e-bikes.

Giant Road E+ electric road bike

Giant Electric Road Bikes

With an added boost of power, everything you love about road cycling can now be done a little easier and for longer with a Giant electric road bike. Think longer rides with your friends and the ability to conquer tough climbs without burnout. Perfect for any road cyclist wanting a little pick me up along their rides on tarmac.

Popular Giant electric road bike models:

Giant Road E+: a lively e-bike built to extend your road riding adventures

Giant Roam E+ electric adventure bike

Giant Electric Commuter Bikes

One of the best things about electric commuter bikes is their ability to take you further without expelling as much of your energy as normal. On a early-morning commute to work or even just a errand run around the city, you won't have any worries about sweating through your clothes or being too tired to get through the rest of your day. Not to mention the ability to skip the urban traffic.

Popular Giant electric city bike models:

Giant Roam E+: an all-road adventurer designed to smooth out rough and smooth paths

Giant Fastroad E+: a state-of-the-art mobility bike ideal for any daily adventure

Giant Talon E+ e-MTB

Giant Electric Mountain Bikes

Whether you're riding XC and going on a a singletrack adventure or you're conquering steep ascents and technical terrain, a Giant electric mountain bikes is perfect for any MTB enthusiast. Find the hardtail or full-suspension e-MTB of your dreams from Giant.

Popular Giant e-MTB bike models:

Giant Talon E+: a hardtail that delivers comfort and confidence on XC terrain

Giant Trance E+: a full-suspension 29er that gives you the freedom to ride the trails like you want

Giant Mountain Bikes

For the cyclists that love to get away from the asphalt and onto a mountain trail or flowy singletrack, Giant mountain bikes are the ideal ride. Find hardtail, full-suspension, and MTBs with either 29-inch or 650b wheelsets.

Giant hardtail MTB

Giant Hardtail Mountain Bikes

With a focus on a lightweight frame and offering cyclists with top-notch ride quality, Giant hardtail mountain bikes are perfect for almost any experience level.

Popular Giant hardtail mountain bike models:

Giant ATX: a versatile and entry-level hardtail and hybrid with a flat handlebar and a design that inspires confidence varied terrain

Giant Talon: the perfect first MTB for riders looking to really get into the sport

Giant Fathom: an alloy aggressive hardtail that features the trail geometry and components necessary to step up your singletrack game

Giant XTC: a race ready XC hardtail for reaching the podium.

Giant Yukon: an adventurous fat bike that floats over snow and sand with 4.5" tires

Giant Reign 29 Full-suspension MTB

Giant Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes

By aiming at transforming cyclists riding experience on steep mountain trails and technical track, Giant has built high-quality full-suspension mountain bikes for any cyclist looking for their next MTB.

Popular Giant sport road bike models:

Giant Anthem: a short travel cross country race bike for the toughest XC courses in the world

Giant Stance: a short travel trail bike for efficiency on the climbs and fun on the descents 

Giant Trance: an ambitious trail bike with the perfect blend of control and quickness

Giant Reign: a fierce enduro bike with smooth suspension and confident handling to conquer the wildest terrain

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Giant Kids' Bikes

Riding bikes is one of the best parts of growing up and Giant has the bikes necessary for making memories with your kids. Find Giant bikes for kids of all ages, from their first balance bikes to trail-ready kids' mountain bikes. 

Shop Giant Children's Bikes

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Giant commuter bike

Giant Commuter Bikes

Explore more on your daily adventures with a Giant commuter bike. These bikes are perfect for anyone wanting a new ride on two wheels. They're versatile and help motivate you to get your legs spinning and to stay active.