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Ibis Bikes Buyer's Guide

Find the Ibis model for you

Ibis designs and builds some of the most intriguing mountain bikes on the market and has been doing so since it began in 1981. Among their mountain bike models are hardtails and full-suspension bikes that are loved by professionals and weekend warriors alike. Find the Ibis MTB for you.

Ibis Ripmo & Ibis Ripmo AF

Ibis Ripley mountain bike

Ripmo Specs:

Frame Size: S, M, L, XL

Rear Travel: 147mm

Front Travel: 160mm

Wheel Size: 29", up to 2.6" tires

Head Tube Angle: 64.9°

Seat Tube Angle: 77°

Chainstays: 435

Why you'll love the Ibis Ripmo

The Ripmo is more than just a trail bike, it is built to dominate steep trails whether climbing or descending flowy singletrack.

While not Ibis' bike designed for enduro mountain bike riding, the Ripmo still handles technical trails with competence. As you can see when looking at the specs, its geometry is lengthy, yet progressive which allows the Ripmo to speed along flat trails just as well as switchbacks and tight trails. Additionally, with the short seat tube, riders of the Ripmo can get low on the descent of technical trails. 

The Ripmo is available in a carbon or a more-affordable aluminum frame. Although heavier, the Ripmo AF carries itself very similarly to the pricier carbon model.

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Ibis Ripley & Ibis Ripley AF

Ibis Ripley mountain bike

Why you'll love the Ibis Ripley

An Ibis Ripley is a nimble trail bike, designed with a short travel and a steep seat tube for efficient climbing. Given that the bike's geometry isn't too slack or steep, the Ripley can grind on all types of terrain. 

Like most of Ibis' bikes, the Ripley utilizes a dw-link suspension platform that provides stable pedaling and added stability at higher speeds. Despite the length present in its geometry, the Ripley feels light and lively on most trails. Overall, the Ripley is game on any trail you want to tackle, performing best as a snappy singletrack bike and a fleet climber. 

The Ripley is available in a carbon or a cheaper aluminum frame. Although heavier, the Ripley AF handles all trails nearly identical to its lighter counterpart.

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Ripley Specs

Frame Size: S, M, L, XL

Rear Travel: 120mm

Front Travel: 120-140mm forks

Wheel Size: 29", up to 2.6" tires

Head Tube Angle: 66.5°

Seat Tube Angle: 76°

Chainstays: 432

Ibis Mojo

Ibis Mojo mountain bike

Mojo Specs

Frame Size: S, M, L, XL

Rear Travel: 130mm

Front Travel: 140mm

Wheel Size: 27.5", up to 2.6" tires

Head Tube Angle: 65.4°

Seat Tube Angle: 76.6°

Chainstays: 425

Why you'll love the Ibis Mojo

The Mojo is described as the "all-mountain playbike" for good reason. It's designed with a geometry that feels like you are hovering over any mountain trail you are shredding.

When looking at the Mojo's specs, it's clear this mountain bike's standout characteristic is its climbing prowess. With a dw-link suspension platform, lightweight chassis, and Ibis' Traction Tune philosophy, any rider can tackle steep ascents on a bike that hugs the ground even over rough terrain. With the shortest chainstays among Ibis' product line, long reach, and slack head tube angle, the Mojo corners on a dime without sacrificing stability.

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Ibis Exie

Ibis Exie mountain bike
Ibis Exie mountain bike

Why you'll love the Ibis Exie

The Ibis Exie is a race-ready XC mountain bike built to shred technical race tracks at the World Cup-level. The 29-inch MTB is Ibis' foray into a lightweight, but sustainably-designed machine that checks in just above an impressive 22 pounds.

When looking at the Exie's geometry, Ibis bucks the common trend of an upright seat tube angle by a small margin in the hopes of giving riders the ability to conserve more energy on extended ascents and to maintain back tire traction on less steep climbs. On top of this, the carbon frame build of the Exie aims to be future proof in the world of cross country mountain biking as it balances between maximum strength and the weight limit Ibis placed on themselves.

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Exie Specs

Frame Size: S, M, L, XL

Rear Travel: 100mm

Front Travel: 120mm forks

Wheel Size: 29", up to 2.4" tires

Head Tube Angle: 67.2°

Seat Tube Angle: 73.8-75.9°

Chainstays: 435

Ibis Hakka MX

Ibis Hakka MX Gravel Bike
Ibis Hakka MX gravel bike

Hakka Specs

Frame Size: 49, 53, 55, 58, 61

Rear Axle: 142mm x 12mm thru-axle

Front Axle: 100mm x 12mm thru-axle

Wheel Size: 700c or 650b/27.5"

Head Tube Angle: 70.5-72°

Seat Tube Angle: 73.5°

Chainstays: 430

Why you'll love the Ibis Hakka MX

The Ibis Hakka MX is a versatile, stiff, fast, and efficient gravel bike built to be a swiss army knife for cyclists who switch between road, cross country, and gravel trails often.

This high-performance gravel bike is designed by Ibis to give riders a race-inspired feel that prioritizes speed, weight-savings, and surgical handling. One look at the specs of this bike and you can see the geometry of the Hakka MX allows for comfort on any length ride or race. Whether you're more interested in backcountry routes or casual gravel, the Hakka comes in either a 650b or 700c wheelset.

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