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Buyer's Guide for Liv Bikes

Liv is a bike manufacturer that focuses on putting women first, whether that means designing their bikes with women in mind or uplifting women in the sport. This Liv buyer's guide is meant to help you find a bike that fits your riding style from this iconic women-led brand.

Liv Electric Bikes

Liv engineers their electric bikes with high-quality pedal assist technology to let you breeze through headwinds, cruise up steep hills, and go further than you ever have. Find the electric bike that fits you.

Liv Electric Commuter Bikes

For everyday errands to the corner market and early morning commutes to work, it can be helpful to have a little extra boost from a Liv electric commuter bike. Perfect for women wanting the motivation to stay active, no matter their fitness levels.

Popular Liv electric commuter bike models:

Liv Rove E+: an adventurous pedal-assisted e-bike with 160 km range

Liv Amiti E+ 2: a versatile commuter with an integrated battery and a suspension fork.

Liv electric MTBs

Liv Electric Mountain Bikes

Liv builds their electric mountain bikes for dirt divas wanting to extend their trail adventures further, while traveling faster with ease. Find full-suspension and hardtail electric mountain bikes among their collection.

Popular Liv electric mountain bike models:

Liv Intrigue X E+ 3 Pro: a trail-ready e-bike with a top end motor.

Liv Tempt E+ 2 2: an affordable and reliable e-MTB with disc brakes and front suspension.

Liv Mountain Bikes

Liv mountain bikes are engineered for unmatched control and traction, stable geometry, and the ability to conquer the mountain, not just climb it. They have a selection of high-quality hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes for women who love to shred trails.

Liv hardtail mountain bike

Liv Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Liv hardtail mountain bikes are built to do it all for women who need a bike to flow along singletrack, cruise on gravel roads, or even short jaunts to the local watering hole. Known to be lightweight and with telepathic handling, these hardtails are top-notch.

Popular Liv hardtail mountain bike models:

Liv Bliss: an entry-level blend of the best of road and mountain bikes, ideal for city trails and town roads.

Liv Tempt 3: a perfect bike to venture onto trails and singletrack for the first time.

Liv full suspension mountain bike

Liv Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes


No matter how technical the terrain, Liv builds their full-suspension women's mountain bikes to get you there and back. Perfect for cyclists looking for a bike with components that won't let you down when dropping into challenging lines.


Popular Liv full-suspension mountain bike models:

Liv Intrigue Advance Pro 29: a fast rolling, high-performance trail bike on a 29-inch wheelset.

Not sure which mountain bike to get?

Liv commuter bike

Liv Commuter Bikes

For those that would rather spin your way to work or the grocery store, look no further than Liv commuter and urban bikes. With lightweight frames and upright, slack geometries, these commuter bikes are perfect for anyone wanting to avoid traffic and stay active.

Popular Liv commuter bike models:

Liv Alight 2: a premium commuter with disc brakes and plenty of mounts for carrying capacity.

Liv kids bike

Liv Kids' Bikes

These girls bikes are meant to be the building block for kids making memories on two wheels. Liv designs their kids' bikes to be safe, stable, and fun and by engineering them to be lightweight and easy to ride, they've taken care of the small details you don't have to worry about.

Popular Liv kids' bike models:

Liv Adore 12: the ideal first bike for your little one with easy to use single speed drivetrain.

Not sure which kids bike to get?