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Improve Every Ride

The right bicycle fit is crucial to your cycling performance, comfort, and overall riding experience. Whether you're interested in a brand new bike, a Trek Project One custom bike, or re-fitting your current ride, our professionally trained bike fitters are here to help with the expertise that they have gained over many years and hundreds of bike fits.

Dynamic Analysis Fit | $299

($199 with new bike purchase within 60 days)

During the Dynamic Analysis Fit our fitter will provide an ongoing physical assessment during the fitting explaining  saddle positioning, handlebar, touch points, numbness mechanisms, hip and knee pain etc and adjust accordingly as we proceed through the fitting. We utilize Trek’s precision fit method to help you achieve greater comfort, efficiency, speed, or recover from an injury with reduced pain.

Bike Fitter completing a physical assessment
Physical Assessment
Bike Fitter completing a dynamic motion capture
Dynamic Analysis
Bike Fitter evaluating proper saddle and stem position
Saddle & Stem Position
Bike Fitter reviewing a computer analysis
Computer Analysis

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Our Certified Bike Fit Specialist

Todd Jones - Fit Specialist

Todd Jones - MSc.PT, BSc.Kin, Trek/F.I.S.T certified

Todd has been actively involved in the cycling industry for 15 years, and has more than a decade of experience completing professional fittings on road, triathlon, gravel, mountain, and hybrid bikes. Todd also holds certificates in Trek Precision Fit Levels 1 and 2, as well as Slow Twitch’s F.I.S.T Certification.

After completing his undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Regina, Todd achieved his Masters in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta. As a current physiotherapist in South Calgary, Todd’s specialized understanding of biomechanics contributes to his unique fitting style and gives him an edge when it comes to offering truly informed service. 

Whether you are having difficulty getting comfortable, working through past injuries, seeking improvements on your current bike, or on the hunt for a new ride, Todd is your guy!