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Salsa Bikes Buyer's Guide

Salsa Cycles is a brand with a sense of adventure baked into its DNA, manufacturing bikes fit for gravel racing, bikepacking and everything in between. This guide is a great introduction to the entire range so you can find out which spicy Salsa bike fits you best.

Salsa Road & Gravel Bikes

Salsa road and gravel bikes are built to dominate their specific environment and are available in racing, gravel, and touring models. These versatile bikes are especially capable on multi-surface terrain and they fly over smooth pavement, too.

Salsa Road endurance bike

Salsa Road Bikes

Lightweight specs, efficient geo, and slicker tires give Salsa road bikes extra pace on smooth surfaces. Don’t worry though— each road model has enough tire clearance to fit gravel tires when you want to switch it up. 

Salsa road bike models:

Salsa Warroad: an endurance road bike that’s quick on pavement and navigates gravel with ease

Salsa Vaya: all-road machine and light touring bike made of steel for an ultra-smooth ride

Salsa Warbird gravel bike

Salsa Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are Salsa’s bread and butter. They even introduced the Warbird way back in 2013, the industry’s first purpose-built gravel bike. Continual innovations allow riders to conquer the cobbles, gravel paths, and off-piste routes like never before.

Trek gravel bike models:

Salsa Journeyer: an all-road model that’s a great entry into gravel riding— available as a flat bar, too

Salsa Cutthroat: an ultra-endurance mixed surface bike designed for bikepacking and long-distance touring

Salsa Warbird: the OG gravel racing bike that started it all 

Salsa Stormchaser: a beefed-up gravel bike with unique options like front suspension or single-speed gearing

Salsa Fargo touring bike

Salsa Touring Bikes

Touring bikes have to be durable, able to carry cargo, and comfortable in the saddle all day long. There are a few different designs depending on your preferences and needs and these bikes are the most reliable of the bunch, capable of clocking the miles on extended trips.

Salsa touring bike models:

Salsa Cutthroat: an ultra-endurance mixed surface bike designed for bikepacking and long-distance touring

Salsa Fargo: drop-bar, steel-frame model built to explore off-road routes

Salsa Marrakesh: classic, versatile world tourer designed to capably explore roads of all kinds all over the world

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Salsa Mountain Bikes

Swapping gravel out for rocks and roots means you’ll need the  extra suspension, stability, and wider tires found on Salsa mountain bikes. The brand features a complete range of XC, enduro, and downhill models to send your local trails with confidence.

Salsa Rangefinder hardtail mountain bike

Salsa Hardtail Mountain Bikes

No matter which direction you’re pointing on the mountain, hardtails let you push the pace thanks to their rigid back end and plush front fork. Explore singletrack and XC trails and enjoy the responsive trail feedback on Salsa hardtail mountain bikes.

Salsa hardtail mountain bike models:

Salsa Rangefinder: a 120mm trail hardtail with 29” or 27.5+ wheels

Salsa full suspension mountain bike

Salsa Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes

Designed for when the going gets rough, Salsa full-suspension mountain bikes take on steep routes and chunky obstacles in stride. Trail geometry and advanced suspension outfit these rowdy riders that come with tons of additional features. 

Salsa full suspension mountain bike models:

Salsa Spearfish: a full suspension XC style 29er that pedals like a race bike and descends like a trail bike

Salsa Horsethief: an all-around 29er trail medium-travel bike with Split Pivot suspension

Salsa Rustler: a playful 27.5” trail bike made for whipping around technical terrain

Salsa Blackthorn: a long-travel trail 29er built for sending chutes, gaps, and rock gardens

Salsa Cassidy: a long travel enduro 29er made for the steepest descents and the fastest way down them

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Salsa Fat Bikes

Fat tire bikes bulldoze through all conditions on all types of terrain, including snow, sand, and mud. Huge tires mean a comfy ride and extra grip on adventurous bikepacking trips and off-piste expeditions. While most brands offer just one fat bike, Salsa gives riders a choice between two models with tons of options.

Salsa Beargrease fat bike

Salsa Fat Tire Mountain Bikes

Fat bikes make year round riding a possibility and incredibly fun, while they also open up new horizons in terms of where you can pedal. Whether you want to ride groomed snow trails for winter exercise or you want to explore the backcountry, Salsa's fat bikes are incredible ways to have an adventure.

Salsa fat bike models:

Salsa Beargrease: performance-oriented carbon fiber fat tire bike with 27.5” wheels for nimble handling and trail riding

Salsa Mukluk: exploration-oriented fat tire bike with 26x4.6” wheels and plenty of cargo mounts for epic adventures

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